Letter to Brezhnev

HOME  |  REVIEWS: A-Z  |  FURTHER READING  |  NEWS  |  ABOUT Letter to Brezhnev 1985 / Colour / 94 m. / UK Starring: Peter Firth, Alfred Molina, Alexandra Pigg, Margi Clarke, Neil Cunningham, Ken Campbell, Angela Clarke, Tracey Lea Cinematography: Bruce McGowan Production Designers: Lez Brotherston, Nick Englefield and Jonathan Swain Film Editor: Lesley Walker Original Music: Alan Gill […]

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The Final Programme

HOME  |  REVIEWS: A-Z  |  FURTHER READING  |  NEWS  |  ABOUT The Final Programme 1973 / Colour / 89 m. / UK / The Last Days of Man on Earth Starring: Jon Finch, Jenny Runacre, Graham Crowden, George Coulouris, Basil Henson, Patrick Magee, Derrick O’Connor, Gilles Millinaire, Sterling Hayden, Hugh Griffith, Ronald Lacey, Julie Ege Cinematography: […]

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